Those of you at last Wednesdays rehearsal will have heard Graham ask that all non-Semi Chorus Sopranos and Altos come for an early rehearsal for 7.20pm start on Wednesday.  Please note – we will be rehearsing Chorus parts from Pg 95 that are sung with the Semi-Chorus, hence Semi-Chorus singers are NOT required for this slot.

Everyone is required as normal for the 8pm rehearsal.

You can really help speed things along by practising as much as possible!  Practise audio files are available from our Music Programme & Practise page, or you can go to the page directly by CLICKING THIS LINK.  Scroll down to your voice section and choose our next movement – Praise to the Holiest (I).

Tickets will be on sale from 7pm!

“…but what about buying tickets?” I hear you say…!  Never known to miss a ticket selling opportunity, Archie has very kindly offered to be at the URC from 7pm.  You can carry on buying tickets for the concert and/or coaches to rehearsals etc.  – there is plenty left of all types of tickets.

Prague Tour 2018 – Concert Recordings now available online for members only!

Many thanks to Robert Stedall (Liz’s husband) for recording our performances whilst we were on tour in Prague last Summer.  I’m very pleased to say that we now have uploaded the best of the bunch to our Concert Recordings page. You’ll need to select the Summer Tour 2018 tab because the most recent concert was Christmas 2018.  The webpage has audio clips of our previous performances, but it is for members only and so you will need to log in to the website.

Please note: with the best will in the world the balance and quality may not be professional standard, but we are extremely grateful to Robert for taking the time to record it for our members’ ears!

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

Well that’s all for now – don’t forget you to keep up-to-date with our Diary Dates, and if you haven’t already worked out transport for our first joint rehearsal at 10am on Saturday 2nd March in Amersham, please book a coach!