As you know you can all buy tickets for our performance of The Dream at the Royal Festival Hall already from the Southbank Centre website.  However we have blocked out a whole chunk of really good seats, mainly in the popular Rear Stalls, to sell to our members during our rehearsals.

Because this time around the choirs’ Box Office will be a pooled one amongst the 3 choirs (via Ticket Source), Archie has been battling with the issue of giving each choir the same chance to get the best seats regardless of who rehearses first this coming week!  Honestly – the things he has to think of 🙂   So…we ended up reserving choir-specific blocks for this first week of sales, and after that it becomes a free-for-all between all 3 choirs.

So the message here is – if you would like to get the best seats available to the choirs, buy your tickets this Wednesday and BE THERE AT 7.15pm!! 

After that we will obviously continue selling concert tickets from our pool at each rehearsal (including Saturdays) right up to the main event.

Coaches for joint workshops and concert

We have so far booked 4 coaches for the following events from central Petworth (Sylvia Beaufoy car park – £15 return for each – whether you are returning or not!):

  • Return to Amersham for Sat 2nd March workshop
  • Return to Berkhamsted for Sat 27th April workshop
  • Return to RFH London for rehearsal/concert on Weds 8th May
  • Return for ‘Supporters’ to RFH London on Weds 8th May

Tickets must be bought in advance, and you can start buying tickets for these from Wednesday onwards, leading up to the date of each coach.  Please see our Diary Dates page for full address and timing details of all the rehearsals.

The Concert Recording Conundrum – responses please – decision this week!

Many thanks to all who have completed the survey from last week’s post.  You are wonderful people and we love you for doing this!  However there are still over half of you that haven’t done it, and the decisions are very much in the balance at the moment, so I’m asking once again if you can please just click on the link below and answer the brief questions, this will allow us to predict more accurately the risk of booking a coach for the Cranmore rehearsal and commiting to doing a concert recording.   It would be great to have a permanent record of our performance, particularly with such excellent and top-class soloists (see last week’s post).  The Committees will need to make a decision on both of these this week, so please do let us know your thoughts!


Music for next week

Progress is really good – many thanks to Jo for managing so many sectionals this term, but it really helps move things along!  We will continue going through the work and having sectionals – hopefully finishing the ‘Demons’ Chorus’ next week!  In the meantime do keep practising using our Music Programme & Practise page – or I’m repeating the links from last time to make it easier:


Alternatively the links below will take you straight to emphasised voice (Level 2) for ‘The Demons’ Chorus’ for your chosen voice section:

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now….see you on Weds!