We’re doing extremely well and speeding through the score (not that we’re competitive with our sister choirs… 🙂 ) but be warned!  It’s just about to get much more challenging….we are about to do one of the most difficult choruses in the piece from Page 70 to 82 (and then depending on time on to pages 83 through to 91).

Now for some, this initial stage of learning the music is their favourite part of the learning process, whilst for others it’s a means to an end.  Either way if you want to feel on top of your game, and also help to move the rehearsals along more quickly, lots of practise is highly recommended!  We are speeding up the learning process with use of sectional rehearsals, but there will always be a certain amount of waiting around when we’re all together while Graham sorts out specific voice sections until we’re all comfortable with the notes, so the more you can do at home to gain confidence, the better the experience will be for everyone.

So……….in order to make things as easy as possible for you all, I’m putting the practise links for this next chorus directly in this post.  Just click on your voice section to hear the Choralia practise clips for this chorus below (no logging in required as it’s a public website):


Alternatively the links below will take you straight to emphasised voice (Level 2) for your chosen voice section:

Hints & Tips for using these clips

Select the appropriate audio file button to play each movement for your voice part.  The training is at 3 levels, with 1 button for each level:

  • Level 1 – Your voice only with metronome
  • Level 2 – Your voice emphasised
  • Level 3 – All voices for you to practise your part unguided

You can slow the track down or speed it up using the tortoise/hare sliders.  This is particularly useful for this chorus as it is fast, jumps around a bit, and some of the words are quite tricky!

You can put more emphasis on your voice part by using the sliders to increase/decrease the volume for Level 2 or Level 3:

Keep those subs coming in…!

Subs of £120 are now overdue so please make sure you do a bank transfer (instructions on our Subscriptions page) or bring your cheque book with you on Wednesday.  If you have any questions about the subscription or anything financial regarding the choir please do email me, I’m very happy to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have.

Lost Scarf…

If anyone picked up Marie Robertson’s (Alto I) white cotton scarf on Wednesday at the end of the rehearsal please can you let us know/pop it in the Lost Property box – by the time she realised it had disappeared!

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now, next post we should be able to get some Christmas concert photos on our website! See you on Wednesday – don’t forget to volunteer for our Tea Rota and to read our Diary page.

Meanwhile do try and get some practise in and…