We’re well into the new programme now and what wonderful singing there is afoot!  Also lovely to see some more newcomers – this programme has certainly generated a lot of excitement amongst our members!

Next rehearsal we will be doing another ‘sectional’ rehearsal (i.e. splitting SA’s from TB’s) for the first hour, focussing on learning the notes for the ‘Go Forth’ chorus started last week.  Lots of help and interesting Elgar-related snippets (including some wonderful documentaries) is available on our Music Programme & Practise page.  In particular do visit the Choralia website for free audio clips of all the individual synthesised voice parts.

Diary Dates and Rehearsals

The Diary Dates have been updated (you need to be logged in to view this page) with ALL venues now confirmed including those in the Semi Chorus.  Please note all rehearsal dates.  Coaches will be provided for the 2 Saturday Joint Workshops at Berkhamsted and Chorleywood, Herts.

Note that we have a 1 week rehearsal break scheduled for Weds 17th April where there will be no choir (I know…you’ll just have to get through it!), so book your holidays now!

Christmas Concert Recordings now available online!

We have some recordings taken on an iPhone (so not brilliant quality) of some of the music at our Evening Concert.  If you’d like to hear roughly what we sounded like visit our Concert Recordings page (members only).   We’ve also got some recordings from Chichester (The Creation) and are currently seeking permission to upload them from our musicians – watch this space!

Please tell us your thoughts on the Christmas Concerts

The Choir Committee will shortly be meeting to have, amongst other things, a review of the Christmas Concerts, so we are keen to hear from anyone who has an opinion!  If you’d like to give us your feedback please email us on feedback@leconfieldsingers.co.uk


For those of us who noticed the arctic temperatures last Wednesday, the good news is that it was a simple issue – the boiler had actually stopped working, and has now been reset.  Also we have now been provided with some emergency portable heaters, and the URC will shortly start on some heating improvements, so hopefully last week was a bit of a one-off!

Tea Rota – where are all the men?!

I’m pleased to report that a number of volunteers have already put their names forward for the tea rota, which is now half full for this term, but could not help noticing that once again it appears to be a male-free zone….where are all the modern hands-on men?!  On this basis we can only assume that men are not interested in refreshments…. 🙂