Well done everyone – we had a fantastic start to our Dream of Gerontius programme and by the end of the rehearsal it was definitely sounding very recognisable!

Lovely to meet so many newcomers too – we hope you felt welcome and do please ask if there’s anything you need to know.

Reminder: Subs are now due for Spring/Summer (£120)!

The subscription for the Spring/Summer programme is £120 and will take you all the way through to our Autumn Concert in September!  As explained at our AGMs, the reason we’ve split the subs this way is because most of our cost is incurred for our May concert, so everyone that sings in it needs to contribute to it, whether you intend to continue singing over the Summer or not.  Our preferred payment method is now a bank transfer, quoting your name and ‘subs’, but cheques and cash are still welcome at rehearsals – just see Steph with her iPad!  Cards are accepted but cost us commission so it’s not our preferred method.

Newcomers have 2 free taster sessions, but subs will be due on the 3rd rehearsal attended.

What to Practise….

So on Friday we had a sectional rehearsal and learnt the choruses of Kyrie Eleison (from page 12) and Be merciful, be gracious (page 16).   On Wednesday Graham’s hoping to start with another sectional rehearsal to cover the next 2 choruses Rescue him, o Lord (from page 34) and Go in the name (from page 41), and then to go back over the first 2 learned on Friday so that anyone who didn’t make that first rehearsal will have a chance to rehearse them with everyone else.

At the moment we are singing anything marked as ‘Chorus’  We don’t split into 2 choruses until the main chorus Praise to the Holiest in the Height, at which point we will be singing Chorus 1.

Help is at hand!

There are a couple of websites offering help with practising your voice parts.  Please go to our Music Programme & Practise page for full information on these.

  • Click here for Choralia synthesised files – FREE!
    • Select the appropriate audio file button to play each movement for your voice part.  The training is at 3 levels, with 1 button for each level:
      • Level 1 – Your voice only with metronome
      • Level 2 – Your voice emphasized
      • Level 3 – All voices for you to practise your part
    • You can put more emphasis on your voice part by using the sliders to increase/decrease the volume
    • You can slow the track down or speed it up using the tortoise/hare sliders
  • Click here to purchase Choraline CD/Easyplay files (£9.99)
    • These have been very well received by some of our members – the voice is emphasised by an Oboe
    • NOTE: We have a special codeword which you can find by logging in to our member’s area on our Music Programme & Practise page to receive a 10% discount on music or rehearsal CDs purchased from this site or ordered by telephone.

Recommended Listening…..!

Last Friday Graham recommended a great performance to listen to on Youtube.  It was a performance a while ago conducted by Sir Andrew Davis at St Paul’s Cathedral –

Also Anna Meanock has recommended 2 really interesting BBC programmes available on their new BBC Sounds app:

New term – new Tea Rota!

Christine has put together a new Tea Rota which needs filling up!  We encourage all members to participate in filling a slot – it’s  not only an easy way of contributing but it’s also a good way of getting to know people.  If you can take part please visit our Tea Rota page for details or just contact Christine direct.

Aprés Choir…The Star?

So last week a few of us ended up in the Angel, but perhaps it would be good to give the Star a go after our next rehearsal, now that it’s back in business?

Well that’s quite enough for now – I’m sure we’ve given you a fair amount to think about before Weds!  Just to leave you with an interesting thought….