Firstly we would like to wish you all a very happy 2019!  Exciting times are ahead for our choir as I’m sure you all know, and we start the year very enthusiastically on a FRIDAY – 4th January!  This is so that we keep in synch with our other 2 ‘sister’ choirs and, like them, have our first rehearsal in the first week of January.    Heaven forfend we should fall behind in the first week….! 🙂

Rehearsal time is as ever at 8pm-10pm at the URC.  So now’s the time to invite your family and friends to join us for a couple of taster sessions as we kick off the Gerontius programme!

Rachel (our librarian) is always keen to be there early for you (!), so she will be at the URC on Friday from 7pm for you to collect your music.  Please do come early if you are introducing new joiners and/or would like to collect music.  Not only is it a chance to catch up with your choir buddies but this really helps us smooth out the pre-8pm rush and means no-one misses out on the warm-up routine – least of all Rachel and Steph!

Last post I had some important notes on attendance this year, so that everyone can enjoy the performance.  If you missed this note please do read the previous post.

You can start practising…..!

As mentioned in the previous post, we have already found some audio clips for you to practise your voice parts and we will be Choir No. 1 – just visit our updated Music Programme & Practise page for details.  These are provided by the Choralia website – so it works just like the pages for learning A Winter’s Night and which many of you found extremely useful!

Lost Property

There were a number of items left behind at St Mary’s after our concert.  In particular a pair of black Zara ladies trousers and a Phase Eight black top, size 14 in a Canali suit bag.  Please ask Jeannie if any of these are yours or you are missing something else.

That’s it for now – see you on Friday – and I leave you with this New Year’s thought….