For those of you who have bought a copy of The Dream of Gerontius, you may have noticed that apart from the Semi-Chorus parts, the choir splits into 2 choruses in the beautiful chorus ‘Praise to the Holiest in the Height’ from pages 126 – 147.

If you are keen to start looking at the music over the Christmas holidays, I’m pleased to tell you that our choir will be ‘Chorus 1’.   CCS will be Chorus 2 and BCS will be singing Choruses 1 and 2 (split by 1sts and 2nds).

If you haven’t told us whether you’d like to buy or hire yet (or even if you have but can’t remember doing it 🙂 ), it’s not too late to fill out our form:


An Important Note on Attendance Next Term

  • You can find all the dates of workshops on our Diary Dates page
  • We have made a formal commitment to the other choirs that our singers should be attending 70-75% of rehearsals/workshops, and that everyone is expected at the final rehearsal on 6 May.  Anyone who can’t commit to this attendance from the off, or who finds that their attendance is falling short, should talk to/email Graham.  In reality this equates to around 12 out of 18 rehearsals, and 2 out of 3 of the workshops.  Both of the other choirs have made the same commitment and it is being taken very seriously, so we would appreciate your adherence to this.
  • The joint workshops/rehearsals are critical opportunities to move forward.  Each choir will be arranging coaches for the final rehearsal and for the out-of-area workshops, to make life easier for everyone.  If you cannot make one of the workshops please talk to/email Graham
  • As the choirs will all be rehearsing in parallel, any singer who can’t attend their own rehearsal in any given week is welcome at the rehearsal of either of the other choirs. It’s a fair distance from West Sussex to Hertfordshire and vice versa, for sure, but singers have done it in the past, and you will be made most welcome.

We are saying this because we want to make sure that everyone is sufficiently well rehearsed to deliver a great performance on 8 May, and to enjoy yourselves in the process!  🙂

You can start practising…..!

So armed with all this information, you will be delighted to hear that we have already found some audio clips for you to practise your voice parts – just visit our updated Music Programme & Practise page for details.  These are provided by the Choralia website – so it works just like the pages for learning A Winter’s Night and which many of you found extremely useful!

Lost Property from the Concert

Just a note to have a look and see if you are without certain items of clothing!!  There were a few left behind at St Mary’s after the Concert, in particular a pair of black ladies Zara trousers with a spotty waistband – please ask Jeannie.

You can be reunited with any of these items on our first rehearsal on FRIDAY 4th JANUARY at the URC.

That’s it for now – we hope to have some concert recordings and photos shortly…watch this space!

In the meantime I think we should order a job lot of these….