According to the Chichester Observer we are No. 4 in the Top 10 things to do over Christmas in our local area – so absolutely NO PRESSURE folks!! 🙂

It is a known fact that the Chichester Observer have extremely good musical taste and we are gearing ourselves up now for another superb set of Christmas Concerts on Saturday!  We also have a printed version of the article on our Press page, and there may be more to follow in future publications – look out for them!

We still have tickets to sell for both concerts so please keep on spreading the word!

There’s lots to remember for Saturday so here’s a CHECKLIST (those who are super-organised/old hands and don’t need this please look away NOW!):

  • 11.15 arrival for an 11.30am start at St Mary’s Church, Petworth
  • Have your:
    • Black Folder
    • Running Orders for Matinee and Evening Concerts
    • Concert Notes/Timings
    • Concert Dress & shoes- Note Black shirts for men for the Matinee, DJ’s for the evening
    • Mince Pies etc. to bring in if promised to Sally (with containers labelled please!)
    • Cash/Cheque book to buy Dream of Gerontius score to have over the holidays if you’ve pre-ordered
    • Water/refreshments/flasks – it’s a long but fulfilling day!
    • Reading Glasses (to those of us who are ocularly challenged – which let’s face it is quite a few!)
    • If you are still struggling with any of the above please EMAIL US NOW and don’t leave it until Saturday!  We can help you but it’s much easier to do so before concert day.
  • Music should be arranged in folders ready for the Matinee – ready to be re-arranged after the concert for the Evening Concert Running order.
    • The only actual book you need is Nowell! Nowell!  – we are doing 3 carols from this book
    • The other scores were emailed/available as printed PDFs (i.e. all carols from Carols for Choirs 1 and The Promise) or
    • are in pamphlet form (There is no Rose and A Winter’s Night)
    • We are not doing Midnight – so you won’t need Now Rejoice! – lovely but we’ll save that for next year!  Please cross if off the Running Orders.
  • We should be finished before 8.45pm

That’s it for now – keep practising – especially A Winter’s Night – Noel Nouvelet entrances and oh yes – we need a special effort to get those mouths around those Lovely French Words (where is Agnès when we need her…?)!  From now on we must all…

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

See you on Saturday at 11.15am for an 11.30am kick-off!