Graham felt that we made a lot of progress on Wednesday and are on track for another fantastic concert.  When we concentrate and pull together we really can put on an amazing performance.  We’re doing really well, but at the end of the day it boils down to a mixture of individual work between rehearsals and teamwork, and there are definitely some areas for improvement.  E.g. we need to tighten up on the entrances to A Winter’s Night, so I’m making it as easy as possible by putting the links to the audio files on this post.  Please find some time to go over these before Wednesday, so that every entrance is really confident, and there will be lots of smiles all over our faces (not to mention Graham’s) 🙂

Click here to practise A Winter’s Night

Don’t forget though there is lots of other help in our members area on our Music Programme & Practise page for other carols, e.g. There is no Rose, The Promise and the carols from Carols for Choirs 1.

Concert Notes & Running Order

Remember that the concert notes and running orders are now available on our webpages – click here to view the page.  I will be bringing some printed copies on Wednesday for those who are ‘printer-challenged’ so come and ask if you need printed copies.

PDFs for Carols – make sure you’ve got 3 pages for ‘God Rest Ye’!

Just a reminder that the original PDF for God Rest Ye was missing the final verse and should have been 3 not 2 pages – which was corrected in a 2nd email.   Rachel has been having horrible nightmares of everyone stopping before the final verse!!  If you bought printed copies please make sure you have collected your updated your version and now also have ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Welcome Yule’ (which were sent out in the 2nd email).

Don’t forget to hand in any hired music after the concert!

And just a note to say Rachel will need to collect up hire scores at the end of the concert since we are not meeting again before the New Year.

The Dream of Gerontius – order your music here!

In preparation for our Summer concert at The Royal Festival Hall on May 8th, Rachel would like to know how many copies to buy/hire of The Dream of Gerontius score, if you didn’t tell us on the last post.

CLICK HERE  to fill out the form for your Music Requirements.

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That’s it for now folks – see you Wednesday and I’ll leave you with this thought from the Wise Beagle…