Top of the list this week is a reminder that we have an important Christmas Workshop on Saturday 24th November at the URC – 9.30am to 2.30pm (doors open at 9am).  Please bring refreshments for lunch etc. – you know the drill!

We are hoping for a really good turnout – all our workshops are really important as this is really where Graham puts in all that extra detail that make us sound so wonderful on the day.  Please do whatever you can to make sure you can attend, even if only for part of the session  – it’s better to attend some of it than none at all.

Music for next week…

Please keep practising A Winter’s Night – we will go back over Still Still Still and finish it next week.  Lots of help is available on this webpage for practising your voice parts.

PDFs for the Carols for Choirs carols will be emailed shortly…!

Rachel, our librarian, has been very busy recently getting absolutely official photocopies of our Carols from the Carols for Choirs 1 book.  For copyright reasons we can’t just put these photocopies (PDF files) on the website as we can’t guarantee everyone who accesses our members area has purchased the book, so we will  instead be shortly emailing the PDF files to all members that we know have purchased it and/or have a licenced copy.

Although many of you have made your own copies over the years, we strongly advise that you use these copies from now on.  For those of us challenged in the eyesight department, they have been blown up to A4 size and when printed double sided we should end up with synchronised page turns (i.e. all even pages on the right hand side), so that we look like the professional choir that we are!

Black Concert Folders

For the benefit of our newcomers, everyone in the concert will need their music inserted and arranged in programme order (to be published shortly – watch for the next Post) into their Black Folders.  These can be purchased from Rachel at £10 each.  If you find that you don’t want to stay beyond the concert we will accept returns in good condition and refund £5.

Refreshments between concerts – Jeannie to the rescue!

Once again Jeannie has organised refreshments in the shape of soup and sandwiches at the Angel Inn between the Matinée and Evening concerts.  If you’d like to partake, please just bring £10 with you (cash/cheques preferred) and pay Steph.  We need to take payment in advance this time.  Steph will keep a list of everyone who’s paid and can send a receipt via email.  You can buy these from Weds onwards, but not on the day.

Raffle Roll-Overs!

The Raffle is a great way for the choir to raise funds – it’s a win-win (literally)!! We do try and run it regularly but occasionally there will be a roll-over.  So please seek Julia B out and take part – it might be your lucky week!

Diary Dates Updated

Diary Dates are always being updated – they’ve now got all the Semi Chorus and joint rehearsals on so please have a look and make note of all the latest dates.

Christmas 2019 – Please note that this date has moved to 8th December 2019 – we will be doing the concerts on a SUNDAY for the first time!

Petworth Lights – Sat 1st December!

Gather together in the Square with  Jeannie to be a part of these celebrations on Saturday 1st December.  More details to follow…

Music suggestions for future joint concerts…

With The Dream preparations well underway, Graham is looking for suggestions for possible future joint concerts with the other choirs.  These are big works involving big choirs with big orchestras, so it’s your chance to suggest something BIG 🙂  Please send any suggestions to your Music Rep.

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…sorry! 🙂