Brian Knowles has very kindly supplied us with some audio tracks that you can play online and practise your various voice parts for Midnight (in the Now Rejoice! Songbook). There is a track for each voice plus a track of all SATB voice parts together, so that you can practise your part without it being emphasised once you feel a bit more confident!

Remember also that we have provided similar practise tracks for There is No Rose, and tracks are also available for other pieces in our programme.  To hear any of these, just go to our Music Programme & Practise page, expand the title of the music score/book and you’ll see all the tracks for the different voices there for you to play.

TIP –  If you have Bluetooth audio in your car and a smartphone, before you set off you can log in to our website on your phone, get to the webpage as described above, select the track and play it on your car audio system, so that you can familiarise yourselves with the tune whilst driving!

Keep spreading the word…

Tickets are selling well but as ever we need to keep up the momentum, so please keep spreading the word. As Archie explained at our AGM, in order to continue to put on these wonderful concerts with such talented musicians, yet at the same time keep our subs static, we have introduced a higher ticket price band this year.  This does seem to be proving to be very popular as it most of you are appreciating knowing where your family & friends will be sitting, however, importantly, tickets are still available at £15, so please don’t feel pressured to buy at £20.  If you’d like to add people to your booking later and so do not want to purchase numbered seats, there is a block in the Side Aisle that are unnumbered.  Buying tickets in that section means you can sit anywhere in that area.

Advertisers needed please!

It would be great if we could have a couple of volunteers to spend a morning or afternoon visiting shops & restaurants around Petworth selling advertising space. Ask around your friends at choir – it’s a fun morning out and would help us enormously in funding the concert. On the other hand if you’d like to advertise or know someone who would like to, please contact Bridget.

Other stuff….

That’s it for now, just to mention that:

  • Tour places are still available – email Team Tour
  • Sally is still looking for contributions of Mince Pies and Cheese straws for the concert – please email Sally if you can help
  • Don’t forget the Petworth Lights on 2nd December – if you’d like to sing along please let Jeannie know

See you on Wednesday!