Just to let you know this will be the last Wednesday where the Box Office for tickets for our Christmas Concert is open exclusively to choir members, as we are opening to the general public on Thursday 1st November.

If you will not be at choir on Wednesday, then:


On processing your order, an Invoice will be sent to you to confirm the booking, which you will need to pay by Bank Transfer

Any enquiries received before 7.30 pm on Wednesday 31/10 will be processed before 9.00 am Thursday 01/11

We will open our online Box Office to the general public at 10.00 am on Thursday 1st November.

Music Practise for next week

A big WELL DONE to everyone for doing so well with A Babe is Born last Wednesday!  This is a really difficult carol but we seem to be mastering it and Graham was really pleased with us…lovely ending especially!!

Next week, apart from revisiting There is no Rose and/or Cecilia McDowall’s A Winter’s Night we may be starting any of:

  • The Promise (Brian Knowles – PDF available for printing)
  • Midnight (Brian Knowles – Now Rejoice! songbook)
  • Three Kings Came Riding (Chris Williams – Nowell! Nowell! songbook)

Please make sure you have all the music scores you need.  If you still don’t have all your music please refer to our Music Programme & Practise page.

Audio clips to learn your voice parts for ‘There is no Rose‘ are available online FREE for everyone – visit our Music Programme & Practise page – just expand the song title and you can play the clip.  You need to log on to the Members area first.  Alternatively I do have a few CD recordings of this available for a small charge (£1.50) to cover production costs.

Roger has kindly reminded me that Saffron music have a really good catalogue of practise CDs that can be bought online.  Lots of  help on this can be found on our General Help on the internet page.

Concert preparations – EVERYONE can help in some way…!

The posters are ready, the Box Offices are open, and the countdown to the concert has well and truly begun SO this means we once again need your help.  We realise not everyone can take on an actual job and are immensely grateful for those who do, but everyone can help in some small way – please can you all make sure you are doing at least one thing from this list and it will make a big difference to the preparations:

  • Posters – The Poster Girls are at it again!  Please see Shelley and/or Angela and grab a load of posters/flyers to stick around your local area.  We need to spread the word – posters = ticket sales = great concerts for the future!
  • Advertisements – The programmes are expensive to produce despite all the voluntary efforts of Liz Stedall and Bridget in putting it all together.  We need advertisers to help towards the printing costs.  Advertisers will get the benefit of not just the Evening but also the Matinée concert so please ask around local businesses and family/friends.  Half a page £60, Full page £100.  Ask Bridget for details
  • Mince Pies – Sally does an amazing job of sorting out refreshments at the interval.  Please try and help to make things as easy as possible for her by volunteering to make or buy in mince pies – all going well we may need around 300 and this is really something everyone can do, so if you can please email Sally to let her know if you can help
  • Tickets – and of course you can all help by selling tickets to your family and friends.  This is a big part of raising choir funds for the future and we rely on your help to keep our subscriptions down by doing your bit and selling tickets.  Our concerts are always met with a great deal of enthusiasm so hopefully it shouldn’t be a hard sell but those tickets won’t sell themselves 🙂

So please help where you can – as the great Captain of the Starship Enterprise would say….

Summer Tour very popular – bigger coach now secured!

The Summer Tour to Brittany has proved to be extremely popular and the originally targetted number of places has now been filled.  As they are still getting requests for people to come along Team Tour have secured a larger 77 seater coach (double decker) which should mean everyone can travel in greater comfort and we have more places on offer (which all helps to drive down the eventual price!).

Visit our Summer Tour page for more information/booking details – you’ll need to log in to the Members area.

Petworth Christmas Lights

This year the Petworth Christmas Lights will be switched on on Saturday 2nd December so we’re looking for singers to represent us like last year to sing carols etc. and just generally soak in the wonderfully festive atmosphere!  Ask Jeannie for more details.

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That’s it for now…see you on Wednesday, and keep on practising 🙂