It may be Half Term, but we will not allow anything to get in the way of our choir members wanting to secure the best tickets for their friends and families 🙂

If you are going to be away at any of the rehearsals over the next 2 weeks whilst we are selling tickets solely to choir members (i.e. 24th October and 31st October), do not despair!  Archie has devised a way whereby you can request them via a Google Form and he and/or Bridget will do their very best to allocate them to you so that you can collect them on your return!

If this affects you, then:


On processing your request, an Invoice will be sent to you to confirm the booking, which you will need to pay by Bank Transfer

In order to make sure the process is as fair as possible and keeps to the ‘First Come First Served’ principle, all such requests will be processed after the Wednesday night choir rehearsal of that week i.e.

  • Any enquiries received before 7.30 pm on Wednesday 24/10 will be processed before 9.00 am on Thursday 25/10
  • Any enquiries received before 7.30 pm on Wednesday 31/10 will be processed before 9.00 am Thursday 01/11

We will open our online Box Office to the general public at 10.00 am on Thursday 01/11

RFH – Dream of Gerontius.  Should we do a recording?

The Concert Managment Team are currently pondering over the decision as to whether or not we should do a recording of the concert for purchase by choir members.  Such a recording would not be for any commercial gain but would serve purely as a future record for the choir and its members.

This proved to be a very popular thing to do for the Verdi concert, and has been a very useful record to have, as well as a lovely momento of the event.  However we did make a loss which had been both anticipated and accepted by the Team.  Because it’s the 2nd time, there is less appetite to go forward with a recording this time unless the costs can be covered.

Just to give you some time to think it over, on Wednesday we will be seeking your opinion (by way of a show of hands) on:

  • Whether you would be prepared to buy such a recording (CD or otherwise) for £15
  • Whether you would be prepared to buy such a recording (CD or otherwise) for £20 (which is more likely to cover the cost)
  • Whether you would not purchase a recording at either of these prices

Each choir has been asked to canvas opinion on this and report back to the team.

That’s it for now!  See you on Wednesday!