Concert Notes

Well concert day is nearly here and just in case you are still looking for them, here is a link again to our Concert Notes with everything you need to know to turn up ready and eager to put in a fantastic performance!!

Here are just a few final reminders…

Men in Black

Boys – please don’t turn up in a Tux!  This is a less formal concert than Christmas and Summer in Chichester, so men should be in black shirts (no tie).

Soup & Sarnies at The Angel before the concert

A reminder that between the rehearsal and the concert our Jeannie has organised Soup & Sarnies at The Angel (£10) for around half of you (after a show of hands on Wednesday).  If you haven’t indicated your interest already please let Jeannie know in case there’s a sudden influx of people and not enough to go around.  There will be an honesty box for you to deposit your £10’s.

Tickets will be on sale at the door

There are still tickets to sell so don’t be shy – keep asking family and friends as we will be selling tickets at the door – no problem!

Next week is PARTY WEEK!!

We will kick off next Wednesday at 7pm as a Post-concert Celebration & Welcoming Newcomers Party!  It’s a great chance to have a natter with your singing pals and say hello to those poor unfortunates who have been forced to take a break from choir since the May concert but have now returned for the Christmas programme 🙂

See you tomorrow at The Sacred Heart before 2.30pm (so that you can choose your seating position etc.) and just…