Rachel would just like to let you all know that she will be giving out ordered music for our Christmas programme (for hire or purchase) starting from tomorrow’s rehearsal at 7.30pm onwards.

Next week she will be at the URC from 7pm (there are no limits to the dedication that this lady has for your music needs!!).

“But what if I haven’t ordered it…” I hear you ask?  Don’t panic – for there is still time (although we will be dusting off the naughty step)!!  Just in case you missed it the first time round, I’m reposting that important form for you to tell us about our music requirements for next term – please read on!

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already submitted it, there’s no need to submit the form again – it will only result in filling up Rachel’s mailbox and that is NOT A GOOD THING!

Here’s the form again (if you’ve not submitted it yet):

Don’t forget to click on SUBMIT so we receive your completed form!  If it says it’s been submitted, then believe me, it has been 🙂
If you can’t remember whether you have or you haven’t sent it then don’t worry – you’ll be forgiven for submitting it again – better to be sure!
That’s it for now…looking forward to seeing you all again very shortly!