Well it seems that all our praying for dry weather worked rather too well…. 🙂   A big well done to all of you who braved the high temperatures and came to sing at the Petworth Festival Bignor Alive! event earlier today.  You should all be very pleased with yourselves for our performances – the Festival organisers were delighted, as was Graham!  In fact, together with the tour in Prague, it was a lovely way to finish off a hugely successful year for our choir, and thanks so much to Gillie Ross for providing such a delicious cake at the end!!

Dream of Gerontius – Semi-chorus

Those of you who didn’t manage to attend the Saturday workshop before our tour will not have heard Graham talking about the semi-chorus for our Dream of Gerontius performance at the Royal Festival Hall in May next year.

The work is complicated and calls for 2 choir choruses as well as a semi-chorus.  The aim is to form the semi-chorus of around 40 or so people made up from the 3 participating choirs as well as external singers known to Graham.  This is seen as the best solution in order to give all 3 choirs an opportunity to participate whilst avoiding imbalance when all choruses sing together.

Membership of the semi-chorus would require around 10 hours rehearsal time split between West Sussex/Surrey and Herts. and singers would need some degree of pre-requisite knowledge of the work or the ability to sight-sing.   In addition, in order to fund these extra rehearsals we would ask members of the semi-chorus to each pay £30 to take part.

Participation in the semi-chorus is at Graham’s discretion – I’m sure you realise that he will be trying to achieve the best balance across all the choruses when making his decision on who should take part.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for the semi-chorus, please complete the form below which will result in an email to Graham with the required information:

That’s it!!!  Well done again and have a great Summer everyone – we’ll see you again on 5th September!  In the meantime, be prepared for a quick form in a future post on your music requirements for next term…..watch this space!