Well some of us are back from a lovely tour of Prague which went down very well with the locals it has to be said…!  Our choir performed brilliantly – tears of joy and appreciation were shed by our audiences and Phyllis would be rightly proud of the beautiful way in which we disclosed her shenanigans  🙂

We hope to see you tomorrow at the Bignor Alive! event – the instructions haven’t changed and hopefully you will have rearranged your folders now (for those on tour this is a very quick turnaround!).  Just click here to go to our previous post full of instructions, including a printable running order.   If your circumstances have changed on whether you can attend or not it is important you let us know.

Meanwhile a reminder that our next term starts on Wednesday 5th September 2018, with our Autumn Concert on Saturday 15th September.

Our Christmas programme will begin on Wednesday 19th September, so if anyone you know is interested in joining, that’s the date to come along!

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That’s it for now…see you at 11.30 am tomorrow!