On this post you’ll find everything you need to know about our performances at the Bignor Alive! event on Sunday 22nd July…

Getting your folders ready…

CLICK HERE for a printable running order to stick in your folders.  Note: Best results are achieved by downloading the document prior to printing it.

Before the day you will need to organise your folders – although if you’re going on Tour you’ll obviously have to do this on the Sunday morning! 🙂

We recommend that you stick the above printed running order on the front inside cover of your black folders and arrange your music in order.

The preference is for you to print the PDFs/Photocopies double sided and staple them into booklets.  However if your printer doesn’t cope with that you can buy A4 plastic sleeves instead – just put the pages in the sleeves back to back and staple the sleeves together to make a booklet.

If you’d like to be sent PDFs of your music please complete this form and press the SUBMIT button:

Instructions for your arrival

The event is taking place at Bignor Park, RH20 1HG.

  • You should aim to arrive at around 11.30am for a rehearsal starting at 11.45am, in your normal clothes (there will be a chance to change into your concert dress after the rehearsal)
  • Upon arrival to the main car park, there will be stewards there to direct you.  Ask to be directed to where the Leconfield Singers are performing – they will have been told where this is beforehand
  • We will meet in the Green Room marquee near the Greek Loggia
  • There will be a steward posted in the area to keep an eye on possessions in the Green Room marquee although it can’t be locked
  • There will be two gazebos leading off the Green Room marquee for male and female changing. These marquees are very close to where we’ll be performing
  • The event as a whole starts at 1pm, with the gates open to the audience from 12.30pm
  • Performances will be 20 minutes each, scheduled at 1.15pm, 2.15pm and 3pm
  • We should be finished by 3.30pm
  • Dress Code will be as per the Summer Tour/Autumn Concert (men in black shirts – ladies NO HIGH HEELS PLEASE)
  • We don’t have access to any of the Bignor Park buildings, so the only toilets we will have access to are the ones hired in for the public
  • The performing area is the absolutely beautiful loggia lawn. The general public is not allowed on the lawn as it is kept in perfect condition for wedding ceremonies, so it will be roped off and only our choir allowed on it, with the audience just a few feet away on the surrounding path.
  • There will not be any staging on the lawn


That’s it – for those not going on Tour, Wednesday 11th July is the last rehearsal before Bignor Alive! Note: There is a Tour Info event happening from 7.30am in the main church.

Any questions – just ask!  See you on Wednesday!