A reminder to everyone that we are having a workshop on Saturday – normal rules apply i.e. 9.30am – 2.30pm (doors open at 9am) at the URC.  Please bring your own refreshments for lunch or be prepared for a very quick sandwich shop!

The plan is…

to go through our whole Autumn Concert/Tour programme in the morning, leaving the afternoon session for those singing at Bignor to do the extra 3 madrigals.

Be ‘workshop ready’….!

Please do remind yourself of the music on our Music Programme & Practise page – there really is loads of help there.  If you can’t remember how to log on to the Members area don’t be embarrassed to ask!  It happens to all of us!   There is a little form that you fill out to request login details which we will gladly give out provided you are one of our members.

Raffle roll-over this week so do remember to buy a ticket on the Tea/Coffee counter – it might be your lucky week 🙂

Meanwhile enjoy the longest day of the year (I know….)!!  See you on Saturday!