Better dust off those copies of Haydn’s Little Organ Mass as we will be revisiting it at our next rehearsal – in particular Credo, Agnus Dei and we’ll also have a refresh of the anthem ‘Blessed be the God and Father‘.

Meanwhile the madrigals are well underway so well done to all of you who attended last week.   You’ll be pleased to hear that we have now sung all pieces from the Tour/Autumn Concert and Bignor Alive programmes, barring one of the Chris Williams pieces.

If you can’t remember Ave Maria (Caccini), remember we did a lovely rendition of it in our Autumn concert last year, the recording of which is available to members only on our Concert Recordings page – just select the Autumn Concert 2017 tab and scroll to the bottom of the recordings (it was our encore piece).

Remember to visit the Music Programme & Practise page for oodles of help to revise your voice parts on all the pieces for both programmes.

Bignor update – it’s just the afternoon now!

Thanks to everyone for confirming whether you can sing on 22nd July.  I’m pleased to announce that there’s been a bit of a change of plan and our performances at Bignor Alive! will now take place between 13:15 and 15:20, with the original plan of 3 x 20 minute performances at 13:15, 14:15 and 15:00.  This is much more convenient for us as the performances are closer together and it leaves the morning free, although we will need to have a rehearsal prior to the first performance (rehearsal start time has yet to be decided), so allow from around midday onwards in your diaries.  We will come up with a new timetable very shortly – please dispose of the previous one 🙂

Other stuff going on….!

  • Tea Rota/Raffle: Thank you to all our volunteeers passed, present and future – you are all marvellous and we couldn’t do it without you!  The Tea Rota is filling up again but we do still need more volunteers for the now combined Tea Rota and Raffle – contact form is on the webpage.
  • Summer Tour: Thank you tour-goers for making your final payments and choosing your meals & excursions with such a fast turnaround – OneStage were very impressed!   Next on the list is your Passenger Info (groan…!), so another form I’m afraid and with new data protection rules (GDPR) it’s as important as ever that your data is collected accurately and handled in the right way, so please do bear with us on this aspect and we’ll try to make it as painless as possible!  We also have to make sure that your names accurately reflect the ones on your passport or there’ll be trouble when you check in to your flight…and that means less time at the bar, not to mention less money…!

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday!