The Madrigals are really starting to take shape so well done to everyone – the practising is paying off and we’re learning them really quickly!

On Wednesday we’ll have a sectional rehearsal (where the tenors and basses are all sent off to a darkened room…) and we’ll start on the remaining 3 madrigals for Bignor. To help you learn these quickly we’ve been doing some more digging on the interweb and have found some practise clips to add to the ones we’ve already done, so please do click on the TAB specifically for the Bignor programme on our Music Programme & Practise page to listen to them.

If we have time we’ll also be revisiting Credo and/or Agnus Dei from the Haydn Mass. Click here for lots of help with practising the notes for your voice part.

The new madrigals are listed here with the helpful links for your convenience:

Bignor Alive! event – Have you confirmed your attendance?

If you haven’t responded to the email sent round to each of you last week confirming your previous response (or lack of!), please can you CLICK HERE NOW to reply.  So far we are on target for a tour-sized choir which is perfect, but there have been a few changes since we first asked and quite a few of you have still not replied/confirmed, which makes it tricky for us to organise .  Hope you can appreciate that and take the time to confirm (it will only take a few seconds!).

Bignor Dress Code

A number of you have been asking about the Concert Dress code for the Bignor Alive! event.  Please note that to make life as easy as possible for everyone and continue to appear smart and professional, this will be the same as our Summer Tour/Autumn Concert dress code as follows:-

  • Black dress or skirt no shorter than below the knee OR Black trousers
  • Black top with shoulders covered (short sleeves are OK)
  • Black shoes (tights optional)
  • Discreet jewellery
  • Black shirt (no tie)
  • Black trousers
  • Black socks and shoes

Tour Excursions & Meals – please submit form by Thursday!

Note that the tour form on Meals & Excursions is due in by Thursday 14th June at the very latest.  There are still a number of you who haven’t replied.  Don’t worry if you haven’t yet – there’s still time – but please make sure you have done so by the deadline.

Here’s a link to the form – you can submit it more than once if you change your mind and I’ll just take the later one.

Tea Rota – updated now and looking for more volunteers please!

Apologies for not loading the new Tea Rota despite talking about it – had a few technical issues then forgot about it!  Just to remind you Christine is looking for more volunteers.  The Tea Rota page has all the details, please do help out as we’re quite short of people this term and we do all like a cuppa :-).  From Wednesday  you will also be able to purchase a Raffle ticket (rollover this week!) at the same time as a cup of tea, so do look out for that!  Both of these are a great way for you to support the choir.

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That’s it for now….but remember we need your confirmations !