After our wonderful performance of The Creation, we turn to our next UK performance which will be as part of the Bignor Alive! event, billed as ‘a Musical and Theatrical Treasure Hunt’ and hosted by The Petworth Festival on Sunday 22nd July (the day after we return from our tour to Prague).  You can also see that we’re mentioned on their Facebook page which gives you lots of info on the day itself.  More about this event below….

In the meantime, although we were suffering from the Great Half Term Escape and missing lots of our young mums, we had a good sectional session with Justin and started on the 3 madrigals:

  • Weep o mine eyes
  • The Silver Swan
  • Fair Phyllis

We’ll be going over these again next rehearsal, so for those that missed this session please do what you can to catch up – there’s lots of help on our Music Programme & Practise page with links to Youtube videos to learn your voice parts.

Next week we’ll also revisit the Little Organ Mass and Blessed be the God & Father – so do please revise these so that they’re not a complete surprise when we come to sing them!

Bignor Alive!  An Update

Many thanks to those of you who have put your names forward to sing at this exciting event, which will be very different for us and we are greatly looking forward to it!  We will shortly be sending out an email to all members to check whether you can still sing, or have changed your mind etc. etc., as we do need to understand the numbers and the balance of the choir in order to cater for everyone and to give a really good performance.  Please do respond to the email – you just have to tick a box to tell us and it will help us enormously.  I’m sure you appreciate the amount of work that goes in to organising these events, so you can really help too by responding to our questions as quickly as possible.

So to help any undecideds make up your mind, we do have some more information about the day, which is promising to be a lovely experience for the whole family or your friends.

Performance Schedule

We are scheduled to give 4 x 15 minute performances during 2 audience sessions at the following times:

NOTE: Choir arrival and leave times have yet to be decided, but doors to the event open at 11.30am We may well be rehearsing before this time so please be prepared for a possible 10.45 start -TBD.

  • Performance 1: 12.45-13.00
    [GAP 45 min)]
  • Performance 2: 13.45-14.00

Morning session finishes 14.00

[GAP 1h. Picnic – lunch]

Afternoon session (with new audience) starts at 15.00


  • Performance 3: 15.00-15.15
    [GAP 45 min]
  • Performance 4: 16.00-16.15

There will be a green room area for performers and food available to buy on site, but equally choir members may wish to bring picnics as there is clearly a reasonable gap between the second and third performances.

Be prepared for a truly ‘madrigal’ day (i.e. magical….do you see what I did there?) as we are delighted to be performing in the beautiful Greek loggia – although the audience will be standing (on the picture the chairs are set up for a wedding).


Tea Rota – looking for more volunteers please!

We’re now on to a new Tea Rota and Christine is looking for more volunteers.  The Tea Rota page has all the details, please do help out as we’re quite short of people this term and we do all like a cuppa :-).  From Wednesday  you will also be able to purchase a Raffle ticket at the same time as a cup of tea, so do look out for that!  Both of these are a great way for you to support the choir.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now – look out for the Bignor confirmation email coming your way shortly, see you on Wednesday, and keep on practising!