Well I’m sure you’re all basking in the glory of a task very well done – and so you should be!  We’re extremely proud of the choir for putting on such a stunning performance on Saturday!

Now that the proverbial dust has settled a bit, we would like to put out a special thank you to all these wonderful people that made the evening such a success (I do hope we haven’t missed anyone!!) so here goes…..big heart-felt thank you’s to:

  • Graham who has guided us masterfully on this incredible journey over the last 6 years and somehow manages to extract increasingly amazing performances out of us
  • Archie for – well…need I say more?  He is now an essential part of every concert and makes sure everything happens like clockwork….OR ELSE!!  🙂
  • Jeannie for being the back-stop in all aspects and sorting out all the gifts etc. (and having a delightful husband)
  • Bridget who is so solid and always there in the background picking up work on the Box Office, programmes, attendance etc. etc.
  • Rachel for the incredibly efficient-running library and Amanda and Anna Wili for helping out when needed!
  • Gillie for being so wonderfully supportive of the concert with her links to the Cathedral and for helping to arrange the pre-concert drinks for the Cathedral Restoration Trust
  • Claire for her delightful solo bit in the last chorus, rubbing shoulders with the professionals!
  • Sara Aliss for her help with local press coverage (we were in the Chichester & Midhurst Observers) and the ‘Chichester Dash’ with Jeannie – leaving flyers in every possible establishment
  • Liz Stedall for all her hard work on the programme – getting it ready in time for a significant discount!
  • Ollie & Robert Stedall for taking photos of the evening (and hopefully we’ll get some audio clips too – watch this space)
  • Angela and Shelley for all their hard work persuading people to take posters and flyers home – we definitely made extra sales because of these – it’s all in the stats!
  • Christine Parker for her help with getting us into local parish mags and helping with the Pre-Concert Reception on the night
  • and not forgetting our wonderful husbands! Richard Archer, Raymond Bellenger, Christopher Esdaile and Ian Fergusson who did a tremendous job of selling programmes and tickets etc. etc.
  • Sally for the Post-Concert party nosh (a delight to materialise tomorrow no doubt!)
  • and yes OK I did a bit of finance stuff – no big deal 🙂

Post-Concert Party!

We thought it would be a lovely way to get back into the Bignor/Tour/Autumn Concert programme with a Post-Concert party tomorrow!  It would also be a good time for anyone to rejoin if you didn’t manage to do the concert programme.   There will be lots of nibbles and drink and a chance to actually talk to other people in the choir LEGALLY 🙂 So do please grasp this opportunity for a good chat and a drink with your teammates!  We will kick-off at 7pm before our rehearsal.

Jill’s Funeral – rehearsal at 7pm in the URC

We are still in need of more singers at Jill’s funeral – which will be on Monday 21st May – particularly Tenors.  This is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for all her efforts starting up the choir in those early days.  The actual piece hasn’t been decided on yet but will most likely be something out of the ESM book.   If you can make the funeral please come to the rehearsal (for a piece we’re all familiar with) which will also start at 7pm and will take place in the main church (don’t worry you can rejoin the party later – we’ll keep some drink behind…)!

Sandwich & Tour Money

A reminder to please bring your £3.00 or £3.45 if you didn’t manage to pay for your sandwiches on Saturday before the concert.  Please go to Stephanie if you haven’t paid.  This is being done on an honesty basis so we’re trusting you here folks…..!

Stephanie will also be taking money owed for the Tour which is now due.  If you could try and find the email sent to you with the amount you owe that will certainly speed things up for everyone…thank you!

Don’t forget to bring your Music!!

We’re on to the new programme so from now on please remember to bring with you:

  • The ESM book
  • The Cuckoo
  • The PDFs
  • The Oxford Book of English Madrigals

Also this is your last chance to bring back any hired copies of The Creation before we have to start fining people for late returns.  Please don’t let it get to that – it’s not nice and we don’t like doing it!!

Extra Saturday Workshop – 23rd June

We do have a very full programme of music to get through…can you all check your diaries and see if you will be free for a Workshop on Saturday 23rd June?  It will give us more of a chance to get to grips with everything.

You’ll be relieved to hear that’s enough from me for now – see you tomorrow with your Music and Money (if necessary…) and be prepared for a Post-Concert treat – see you at the Party!