The emails have been coming in thick and fast….our audience loved it along with the orchestra (who were marvellous) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last night!

Here’s a message from Graham to everyone:

Congratulations! A massive “well done” from me. For those in any doubt of the choir not going from strength to strength, you certainly proved that you are constantly rising to the challenge of the music and singing at a level even higher than the level you sang at last year, in the Mozart Requiem. It was a fantastic sound, the balance between the voices was great, the sound was well blended and you sang with both energy and sensitivity when required. Matthew Scrivener (leader of the orchestra) was staggered that you are a non-auditioning choir. High praise indeed! It is a real joy for me to conduct you, a great orchestra and soloists and, at the same time, bring joy to all those listening. Both the orchestra and soloists were truly fantastic and we are so lucky to have some of the finest players and singers in the country accompany us and sing for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…and a message from Jeannie:

This morning my thoughts focused on the cohesion of the day. We seem to have moved to another level with enormous confidence that the challenges we met … the difficulty of hearing only ourselves singing, the uncertainty of coming in at the right time, the surprise of a faster pace, etc…were not problems we couldn’t solve. And solve we did!

With the stage management and wizardry of ticket sales from Archie, the comforting direction and high expectations of Graham, we gave the most incredible performance with all the trimmings of a professional choir! We should all be proud of our achievement . I am.

The feedback from the audience was delightful, filled with amazement and gratitude, as if we, The Leconfield Singers , had actually provided the gift of enjoyment. “Amazing! Thank you SO much! Bloody marvellous!”

I guess that’s what it’s all about. We’ve a fun- filled summer ahead of us and more beautiful music to make together! Many, many thanks for your dedication, flexibility and hard work. Congratulations to all of you!!!

A few reminders for Wednesday….

We will be celebrating our wonderful evening with a Post-Concert Party (starts at 7pm), but there will also be at the same time a rehearsal for a song for Jill Button’s funeral.  We are looking for more singers (particularly Tenors) so please do come along at that time if you can make it (funeral is 21st May).

Also, Rachel will be looking for you to return any hired copies of The Creation to send back – otherwise we will have to pay fines unfortunately (which we will have to pass on).

~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now….a big well done – you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves!!  Thank you to everyone that helped to make the evening so memorable!