So we had a ‘belter’ of a rehearsal last night – well done everyone we are sounding fantastic, but it is important that we keep that level of concentration up on the day (and night of course!).  The main thing we keep having to remind people of is to please keep your music UP so that you can WATCH Graham!  I think I am now starting to say that in my sleep….. 🙂

Hopefully by now you should all have your Concert Notes and have ordered your sandwiches from Jeannie (if you want any).

Some last minute points to note and/or tell your family & friends:

  • CLICK HERE for a Chichester Cathedral Floor Plan showing the whereabouts of the Pre-Concert Reception (for those who have guests attending), the Canon’s Vestry (where we gather for the warm up) and the Alexandra Room which we can spend time in between the rehearsal and the concert.  Entrance to the Alexandra room is from inside the Cloisters Cafe.
  • For those who have bought a Pre-Concert Reception voucher,a reminder that the Reception starts at 6.00pm for 6.15pm.
  • The concert run time is expected to be 2h 20 min including a 25 min interval. The concert should therefore finish at approximately 9:50pm.
  • We recommend that Interval drinks are pre-ordered at the Cloisters Cafe before the concert.  Note that Choir members can pre-order interval drinks for their guests during the break between the rehearsal and the concert.
  • Please make sure you bring your Black Concert Folders (and of course your Concert Dress 🙂 )  The rehearsal is not necessarily in Concert Dress (unless you don’t want to change…).

That’s it – see you on Saturday at the Cathedral – all ready to go to your positions by 1.30pm please!!