Only 2 weeks to go now for our amazing concert!  We’ll be continuing work on the choruses as there were definitely some tricky corners to sort out last Wednesday!  Please remember the following points and it will really help everyone to work as a team and produce a stunning performance on 12th:

  • Watch Graham and keep your music UP.  That way you can actually read your music AND watch Graham at the same time (pretty much).  So…if you’re wondering how the person next to you manages both – that’s the secret 🙂
  • You can’t take enough notes!  Please bring pencils with you to rehearsals, and if you forget just ask as we always have spares
  • Watch Graham… (you get the idea….!)

Meanwhile we will continue giving out/selling post-concert music before the rehearsal.  You can help to avoid a rush by arriving as early as possible (doors open at 7.30pm).  Please bring method of payment with you (bank transfers will be accepted).

Concert matters….

Concert Notes are available on our Concert Notes Page – you can download and print the detailed notes or a short timetable for the day.  Printed copies will be available for those who have trouble printing at home – ask Ruth.

Tickets are still selling (mostly Aisle seats – restricted view- left at a bargain price of £7!).  If you’d like to reserve any seats please contact Archie at, or of course you can go straight to the online Box Office and book them yourselves.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now…see you on Weds with your pencils!!